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2025 Season Fastpitch Tryouts

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at  



Power Alley (which includes Power Alley Baseball, Power Alley Academy, and Power Alley Fastpitch divisions) is a non-profit 501(c)3 baseball and fastpitch softball travel program composed of 9-under to 14-under teams.  It is a program born out of the desire to create highly competitive teams where players can hone their skills against other players of similar skill levels.  We believe “Iron Sharpens Iron.”  Our program stresses the quality of play not the quantity of teams or players.  We strive to give those who participate a very high quality baseball experience through an experienced staff and a sound philosophy.

Power Alley Fastpitch believes that competitive youth fastpitch softball is a tool for players to not only learn the skills necessary to eventually compete at the high school and collegiate level, but also to instill the values, traditions, and passion for the game.   Our program believes in “trusting the process”: that repetition, discipline and trust will pay off in meeting the long-term goals of developing better ball players, better athletes, and better young women.  As competitive as youth sports can get, we do not believe in sacrificing long-term goals for a win.  We believe in creating a competitive atmosphere where kids can feel safe to be courageous and make mistakes so that they can learn (failure is not the opposite of success, it is a vital component of it).

This year, Power Alley Fastpitch will field a competitive developmental team at the 10u level only, participating in C-level competition. The team will primarily compete in a local IPGSA spring league, as well as a few local tournaments throughout the spring season. We support athletes who play multiple sports and will schedule a limited number of scrimmages and practices in the fall to accommodate their other commitments.



10u - Monday, July 15     6-8 pm     Mountain View High School softball field (Loveland)



Please, note the age your child will be on AUGUST 31, 2024.  That is the youngest age level at which she can compete.   The chart below will help you determine if your child is eligible to play 10u for the 2025 season.




Player Season cost tentatively will run about $1,000.  This includes winter workouts as well as regular season play (tournaments and possibly league for some teams), uniforms, practice facilities, some special program events and awards, and administrative costs.  Our coaches are NOT paid.  There are some cost that we anticipate will rise from the previous season, but need to hear definitive numbers from the City of Loveland, a few vendors, and some assigning organizations.  We will release final budget numbers as soon as they are finalized. 



We absolutely support multi-sport athletes!  If your child plays other sports or is involved in other activities that he or she is passionate about, we encourage that and just ask you to keep coaches informed about practices they may miss.  We will schedule a limited number of scrimmages and practices in the fall to accommodate their other commitments.  Once in season, it will be important to make sure a coach's expectation of a player concerning attendance is understood.  While allowances are always made, because "life", our competitive coaches will most always expect the sport in season (baseball) to take precedence.  



Power Alley Fastpitch 10u plans on playing in the Indian Peaks Girls Softball Association (IPGSA) league and a few tournaments during the season.  


Parents whose children are a part of Power Alley (all divisions) are required to:
- Attend the Parent Meeting after teams are formed
- Complete "The Role of Parents" module (in person if new to the program or, via the online module for returning parents).
- Abide by the Parent Standards of Conduct



Players for Power Alley (all divisions) are required to:
- Understand and abide by the program's Core Covenants (Trust, Attitude, Effort), which are taught in a team setting as well as a program setting.
- Abide by the Player Code of Conduct
- Attend the "Players & Coaches Workshop" every other year.
- Participate with their teammates in at least one PowerUp! project (community service) each season.  
- be coachable, respectful (to everyone, always), on time and prepared for practices, games, and special events.